Photo Diary: 24 Hours in Belgrade

At the beginning of October I visited Belgrade. It was a quick work-related trip, and I did not have a lot of time for roaming around the city except on my free and very chilly Saturday. Thus, 24 Hours in Belgrade.

As a kid I frequented the capital of Serbia. At first I loved it, but as the times changed on the Balkans, Belgrade became heavy, gray and depressing. This time around, I fell in love with Belgrade again – the city is still grey, but with many hip and colorful developments. Some of which are highly controversial e.g. Belgrade Waterfront. Belgrade is a modern European capital, which will not disappoint you.

All the snapshots below have been taken with my then IPhone 6.

Belgrade streets on Saturday morning and always elegant Hotel Moskva.

Even on early morning, Kalemegdan was buzzing with life.

It was a freezing day; thankfully, Belgrade has many cool cafes and restaurants, where one can seek refuge from the cold, enjoy a good cup of coffee, or indulge in a tasty meal. All of the places that I have visited offered a good service, quality coffee and tasty food. But my favorite was Kafeterija – I visited their 2 locations and I loved both – for their hip interior.

Belgrade is a city of contrasts and many call it Europe’s “new Berlin”.

Let us know how you liked it or if the above photos inspired you to visit Belgrade one day.

Author: Karolina

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