Guilt Free Goods

Wandering through Amsterdam we stumbled upon Studio JUX, a flagship store of a Dutch fashion label selling ‘guilt free goods.’ If you are not familiar with the brand yet, you will probably love it by the end of this post, just as we did when we walked into the store.


Founders of the brand believe that fashion should be sustainable and ethical. They strive to create positive experiences for everyone in Studio JUX’s value chain – from factory workers to customers. Studio JUX’s collection comprises of beautifully designed, handcrafted items at fair and affordable prices. These are alternatives to mass-produced goods.



Ethical, Fair & Eco 

Entire Studio JUX collection is produced either in its own factory, or in Nepalese social enterprises. Thus, the brand vouches for safe and healthy working conditions of its employees. Each piece of the collection is handmade. Customers are able to track down who made their garments by finding a code aka., ‘handshake,’ which is imprinted onto every single piece of the collection. The collection is produced of high-quality materials that are organic, natural or recycled.



In its flagship store, besides finding Studio JUX’s own collection, you will also find other friendly brands. In ‘passports’ that are provided throughout the store, you will see a  summary of how the specific brand benefits people and the planet.

📍Address: Ceintuurbaan 252, 1072 GH Amsterdam




Author: Karolina

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