3 Reasons Why Parisian Patios are Unique

While walking in Paris, we were astonished by numerous green terraces and rooftops. Consequently, we questioned ourselves why and how did Paris develop such a sense for greenery and aesthetics. We have made three observations:

  • There is abundance of flower shops on the Parisian streets. As a result, Parisians easily buy plants somewhere close to their apartments without a hassle of loosing time, carrying heavy plants around, or finding an appropriate transport.
  • Flower shops and city nurseries look appealing and frequently catch the attention of random passersby. As plants are cheap, passers are easily inclined to purchase a green addition for their terraces, balconies, and rooftops.
  • Thirdly, Parisians are a grand source of influence for each other. They see their neighbors’ patios, which daily inspire them to transform their own spaces into cozy and green urban oasis.

Greenery not only increases livability through fighting pollution and increasing well-being in cities but it also creates aesthetic value for its residents. Greenery is a key to urban happiness and Paris has mastered it.

This is yet another reason why we love Paris; we are also fond of Milan for the very same reason.

Author: Karolina

Karolina is a blogger for Europolitan Trends, sharing stories about cities & regions, local businesses, and inspiring urban details. She is a public affairs professional, always ready to travel and explore.

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