• Europolitan Six: Trieste City Instagrammers

    Europolitan Trends aims to showcase the life in cities across Europe. Instagram offers genuine and timely captures of city life, neighborhoods, lifestyle, people and culture revealing some of the most original content on cities and regions.  We look at Instagram daily to find some of the best city photographers across Europe – from Helsinki and Cologne to Aberdeen and Barcelona. Here

  • Top Reasons to Visit Vilnius

    If you arrive to Vilnius by plane, the first thing that grabs your attention is the airport, which looks rather like an old train station than an airport arrival hall. It was built in 1950s in a typical Soviet style architecture. On the borderline of Europe, Vilnius is a wonderful, unique capital full of contrasts, churches, hidden

  • Urban Snaps: Literatu street in Vilnius

    Vilnius is a unique capital full of contrasts. It is artistic, creative and elegant at the same time. Creativity is everywhere, even on a small, and seemingly uneventful street of Literatu (Literatų gatvė). The street and its walls are dedicated to writers, translators and other people who contributed to Lithuanian and world literature. Inspired by Aidas Marcenas’ poem Literatu Gatve

  • Why You Need to Pay Attention to Street Names When in Vilnius

    We have heard that Lithuanian law bans street name plaques in different languages, presumably with the aim to protect Lithuanian national identity; however, throughout Vilnius we were captivated by multilingual street name signs. And honestly, we loved seeing those plaques in multiple languages pointing out to rich cultural history of the city, while honoring national minorities who played

  • 3 Reasons Why Parisian Patios are Unique

    While walking in Paris, we were astonished by numerous green terraces and rooftops. Consequently, we questioned ourselves why and how did Paris develop such a sense for greenery and aesthetics. We have made three observations: There is abundance of flower shops on the Parisian streets. As a result, Parisians easily buy plants somewhere close to their

  • Quality of Living: Mercer Report

    International consultancy, Mercer, produces annual worldwide quality of living rankings. This year the survey also includes a city infrastructure ranking, which assesses a city’s supply of electricity, drinking water, connectivity, public transportation, as well as traffic congestion. Infrastructure ranking plays an important role when multinationals decide where to establish themselves. This year (again) Western European cities enjoy the highest quality

  • Boro Milovic on Why WeLoveBrussels & More

    For Boro Milovic, the founder and the curator of WeLoveBrussels, Brussels is a modern melting pot. It is an ever changing world of young and talented artists, busy politicians, confused diplomats and progressive minds who blend together into this unique city. The city itself is also an interesting mosaic of neighborhoods – some run down, and some polished and glossy.  Since