• Innovative Volvo: The Next Level of Safety

    Most of you probably know Volvo for its safety and its distinct design. Now the well-known car company decided to go a step further and mix innovation with its safety standards. Volvo created a world’s first photo exhibition using a car safety camera to capture the images! Yes, it’s not only totally innovative but also

  • Why You Need to Pay Attention to Street Names When in Vilnius

    We have heard that Lithuanian law bans street name plaques in different languages, presumably with the aim to protect Lithuanian national identity; however, throughout Vilnius we were captivated by multilingual street name signs. And honestly, we loved seeing those plaques in multiple languages pointing out to rich cultural history of the city, while honoring national minorities who played

  • Bringing Cities to Life: The Human Scale

    Our first movie recommendation is here. In case you find yourself in Amsterdam in the upcoming days, we highly suggest you head to the Pakhuis de Zwijger where ‘The Human Scale’ movie will be projected on January 19th 2017. For all others, below you can find a synopsis and a trailer, which will probably inspire you

  • Five Observations from Dubrovnik Airport

    Dubrovnik International Airport is a regional hub of the southern Adriatic. It is the biggest airport serving southern coast of Croatia, Montenegro, and parts of Herzegovina. With more than 16,000 flights per year – up to 3,000 flights per month in summer and roughly 300 flights a month in off-season months – the airport serves 1,6 million passengers a year. Subsequently,

  • #Brexit: EU, let’s divorce

    This year was marked by EU referendum or Brexit, as everyone unofficially knows it. For the past couple of months Europhiles eagerly awaited Thursday, June 23 hoping that everything would stay the same, that United Kingdom would vote to remain in Europe, and that the EU would finally be able to concentrate on issues beyond Brexit. Despite the fact that nothing

  • Instagram Inspiration for Rainy Spring Days

    Europolitan Trends loves urban photography and Instagram is a perfect way for getting a daily dose of your urban inspiration. Here is a non-exhaustive selection of our June favorites. If you are as passionate as we are about documenting European cities and towns on Instagram, share your photos with us using the hashtag #localeurope and we will feature some of