• Molitor Paris: Iconic Pool Turned Resort

    Cities are full of urban revival stories, and Molitor’s is a very distinct one – a legendary Parisian Art Deco pool that sunk into despair in 1989 was recently turned into a unique type of resort.  We went to explore the place ourselves and discovered the amazing history, which surrounds this legendary pool. Molitor used to be the

  • Magical Mediterranean Apartment

    Unforgettable vacation in the former house of one of the oldest Yugoslav actresses of the 20th century – Ita Rina No matter how many times you visit the Balkan side of the Adriatic coast, you will never get enough of it. It is magnificent with its world-class beaches, multi-faceted architecture, and delicious food. Budva in Montenegro

  • Photo Diary: Wintertime in Cracow

    Kraków (Cracow) is the second largest cities in Poland. It is also one of the oldest ones. This city, situated on the Wisła (Vistula) river, has been one of the leading centers of academic, cultural, and artistic life in Poland for centuries. As such, it is a must see for urban travelers, architecture lovers, or history buffs.

  • Photo Diary: Monschau in Summer

    The town of Monschau is located in the narrow valley of the Rur river on the border of Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. Monschau was historically known for its cloth-mills, today popular mainly with tourists. Picturesque, narrow streets have remained nearly unchanged for more than hundreds of years. Perfect location for a weekend getaway and for overindulging in cuteness. Below

  • Top Reasons to Visit Vilnius

    If you arrive to Vilnius by plane, the first thing that grabs your attention is the airport, which looks rather like an old train station than an airport arrival hall. It was built in 1950s in a typical Soviet style architecture. On the borderline of Europe, Vilnius is a wonderful, unique capital full of contrasts, churches, hidden