Europolitan Seven: Cologne City Instagrammers

Europolitan Trends is always excited to showcase the life in cities across Europe. Instagram seems to offer the most genuine peek into the spirit of European cities. Instagrammers capture unique content on city life, neighborhoods, lifestyle, people and culture. 

We look on Instagram daily to find some of the best city photographers across Europe – from Helsinki and Tromsø to Lisbon and Barcelona. Here we profile seven Cologne-based Instagram accounts you have to follow to keep up with what is going on in their city! 


Journalist Marianna Deinyan from Cologne brings beautiful, urban stories to Instagram. Her feed features Cologne and many of her frequent travels.  She exhibits Cologne, as if it was caught in the midst of golden hour and brings culture, people and diverse architectural patterns to her feed. Read her blog for more inspiration. 


Luana, originally from Italy, takes the light seriously. She posts photos of Cologne, as well as photos from her frequent city travels. Her feed is full of light, colors and interesting symmetrical and asymmetrical shapes. 


Tobias Sänger photographs city corners, architecture and people. His gray-toned photos perfectly portray every-day life from the streets of Cologne and elsewhere in the world. 


If you follow Marinella, an Instagrammer from Cologne, you will get an insight into her colorful life around Cologne. She will also take you on one of her numerous city trips across Europe. When following Marinella, you will stumble across many places and spaces that you have already seen on Luana’s Instagram, as the two are the best friends. 


Julia, a blogger from Cologne, has been capturing the city since 2012. She loves to discover new things, as much as she loves Cologne. Follow her for a dose of wanderlust. 


Irina is Cologne based lifestyle blogger. She shares her personal style, as well as the street-style and lifestyle of Cologne and other cities that she visits. 


An Englishman in Germany, who likes architecture, books, design, history, art and German bread. We love everything about his photos of Cologne, Bonn and other German cities. 

For more inspiration from Cologne follow Michaela @lailie, who also beautifully captures Cologne and the world. 

Have we missed your favorite Cologne Instagram account? Share it with us. Also, if you are an urban Instagrammer in Europe, tag your photographs with #localeurope and we will feature a selection of great city shots on our curated @localeurope feed.


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Karolina is a blogger for Europolitan Trends, sharing stories about cities & regions, local businesses, and inspiring urban details. She is a public affairs professional, always ready to travel and explore.

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