Most Hashtagged Cities on Instagram

Have you already seen the ranking of the World’s Most Hashtagged Cities on Instagram? If not, below is an outline. However, before you start exploring the top 30 hashtagged cities, bear in mind couple of important points regarding the ranking.

  • Less than ten cities on the entire list have a different spelling in their local language from their corresponding English language translation. Thus, it is important to note that some of the cities on the list would probably have a different ranking were the city spelling the same in English and its local language. For example, at the time of the writing, hashtag #Moscow has more than 23 million entries, while the Russian language spelling #Mосква has more than 31.5 million entries. Thus, in the ranking Moscow should probably surpass #Chicago and possibly #Miami and #Istanbul with the number of posts with its city hashtag.
  • Ten European cities are among the top 30 hashtagged cities of the world. Please note that only three of those cities have a different spelling in their local language (i.e., Moscow, Milan, Rome).


For more information on the ranking head to Hashtagtheworld.

Author: Karolina

Karolina is a blogger for Europolitan Trends, sharing stories about cities & regions, local businesses, and inspiring urban details. She is a public affairs professional, always ready to travel and explore.

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