In the spotlight: From Cannes Film Festival to Eurovision in Lisbon

Exciting times ahead! From Cannes to Lisbon, Europe is in the spotlight due to renowned festivals and cultural events. Spring is a time when we look for new trends in film industry or search for the new catchy tune that will mark the coming summer.

The Cannes Film Festival kicks off in a challenging times, which clearly reflected on the festival itself. Monocle magazine newsletter had an interesting take on the issues that the annual film festival had to confront with this year.

“It is the first Cannes Film Festival to have a sexual-harassment hotline – there are other intriguing signs of where the film industry is heading. For one, streaming platform Netflix has boycotted the festival after the heads of Cannes introduced a new rule that demanded films must have a theatrical release. It is also the first time that Palestine has had a pavilion at the festival, providing a springboard for film-makers in the country. Selfies, meanwhile, have been banned.”

A bit further south, on the Atlantic coast of Portugal, the stage is ready for the Eurovision madness. On Sunday the stars of this year’s Eurovision arrived in beautiful Lisbon and enjoyed the traditional red carpet atmosphere.

Half of participants will perform on the first semi-final on Wednesday, while second semi finals takes place on Thursday.  The grand finals happens on Saturday night with all of Europe watching one of the most popular pop shows on the continent.

Monocle also reported on the favorites for this year – the bookies’ favourite, Israel’s Netta Barzilai will perform her catchy yet bizarre number ‘Toy’. The 25-year-old won the reality music show Hakokhav Haba L’Eurovizion (The Next Star for Eurovision) and has been hotly tipped to win the overall tournament on Saturday.

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Photo: Hermann Traub

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