Initiative: #localeurope

We believe that Instagram is one of the most user-friendly social media platforms for conveying policy messages to citizens and engaging them in various activities. Instagram is based on photos and as an old saying states ‘a picture is worth a thousand words.’ European public administrations and NGOs have failed to grasp the full spectrum of possibilities that Instagram could offer in their campaigns and the extent of their use is limited to merely couple of photos from various events. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube most often remain the ‘go to’ social media platforms.

Bearing in mind the force of a single photo, we launched a #localEurope initiative. The purpose of the initiative is to promote regions and cities of Europe, to promote local cultures and slow living in general. Nowadays we are engrossed in the notion of the European Union that we too easily forget about the bigger (smaller) picture – Europe is rooted in regions. Diverse regions, cultures, customs and languages are drivers of the European society reaching far beyond the few metropolitan capital cities. Further development of the European Union is closely linked with the development of the European regions. However, citizens (now more than ever) tend to forget the benefits that the EU offers. Thus, the aim of the #localEurope initiative is to promote European regions on Instagram in order to remind the general audience that Europe is strong because of its diversity, as well as its unity.

For now we will share the following stories:

  • we promote equality between the regions and removal of mental stereotypes of regions by featuring regions of Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Northern Europe, Southern Europe, and Western Europe.
  • we feature the NUTS-2 (i.e., basic regions for the application of regional policies) regions, where we reflect upon Cohesion Policy Operational Programmes and interesting projects that are co-financed by EU-funds
  • we introduce the most exciting entrepreneurial stories that pertain to regions and regional hubs
  • we share stories of innovative and successful local and regional initiatives
  • we feature rural-urban linkages within a region
  • we feature interesting regional headlines that caught our attention and interesting regional events that take place all over Europe

We encourage you to collaborate with us, so please get in touch!