Innovative Volvo: The Next Level of Safety

Most of you probably know Volvo for its safety and its distinct design. Now the well-known car company decided to go a step further and mix innovation with its safety standards. Volvo created a world’s first photo exhibition using a car safety camera to capture the images! Yes, it’s not only totally innovative but also in line with Volvo’s very ambitious safety vision – no one should be killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo car by 2020! 👌🏻

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It might sound very ambitious, but guys behind the Swedish car brand are known for safety and they have found a very interesting way to present their vision. Pulitzer Prize & Emmy winning photographer, Barbara Davidson drove the new XC60 model of Volvo on the streets of Copenhagen and took photos which are now used for the world’s first photo exhibition made by car safety camera. Connection between this artistic approach and new technology has been made in order to give another perspective on the car safety systems, especially in the light of Volvo’s innovative solutions which can detect a potential barriers or dangerous objects on the road and warn the driver before any accident happens.

Check the full story behind this project at the official website.


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