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Fall came later than usually to Europe and November gave us wonderful yellows and reds on the pavements of European cities. Instagram was full of beautiful captures. For us, November passed in traveling around. We visited some wonderful places from sun-lit Adriatic coast, dreamy and full of history Valjevo in Serbia, to charming christmas markets in Cracow, Poland. The weather was rather gorgeous and we tried to enjoy every free moment that we had.

Cities and regions continued to be at the forefront of the European debate, but there is so much going on that it is hard to keep up. Below is a synopsis of what you need to know about the last month in Europe.

Last Month on Instagram

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What a better way to celebrate European Tourism Day than in Paris?! This year’s theme focused on enhancing synergies between tourism and creative industries. Tourism is a major economic activity in the EU with wide-ranging impact on economic growth, employment, and development. 

Which EU capital cities use Instagram the best for engaging with tourists and communicating with residents? In November Europolitan Trends explored how EU capitals use Instagram and provided good practice guidelines. Learn about the reasons why some cities do it better than others here.

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Last Month’s Reads

Have you ever wondered where to set up your start-up? The European Digital City Index, which was established as part of the European Digital Forum provides the ranking of the most successful business hubs for digital start-ups in Europe. This year the top five places are London, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Helsinki and Paris.

Young entrepreneurs are ever more attracted to Utrecht, the Netherlands’ fourth-largest city. Slower pace of life, high quality of life and location are just some of the reasons why Utrecht became one of Europe’s friendliest and best-connected mini hubs. Read more in Monocle.

Bikes have now outnumbered cars in Copenhagen. Couple of days ago Guardian reported that Denmark’s capital reached a milestone to becoming a true cycling city. There are now approximately 265,700 bikes compared with 252,600 cards on Copenhagen’s streets. Share with us your experiences. 

Last Month’s Events

The sixth biennial Mayors Summit, C40’s flagship event, took place in Ciudad de México from November 30 – December 2, 2016. Mayors and researchers from around the world gathered with the aim to increase visibility about the global potential of climate actions in cities. The summit provides the unique opportunity for city leaders to share knowledge and ideas.

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