Travel Industry Spurring Urban Reinvention

Can exclusive travel industry bring positive changes to a city or a region? We say, yes!  Let’s take a look at Montenegro. This small and relatively young country depends almost entirely on travel industry. Yet, during the nineties, the attractiveness of many charming coastal towns has been destroyed due to uncontrollable desire of the few to get rich. Big and bulky buildings have been built in place of small, stone houses that were popular throughout history in this part of the world. Towns that previously thrived in quality tourism and that could have developed into high-end resorts – like the nearby Dubrovnik – having had a good mix of moving history, monuments, beaches and resorts, had catered for a mass tourism, while still hoping for high quality guests.


In contrast to Montenegrin tourism pearls above, Tivat and Kotor in the breathtaking Bay of Kotor have been almost neglected for over a decade. Kotor did not have any value due to lack of tourism infrastructure, despite its beautiful surrounding. Tivat on the other hand, has never been popular among tourists. Before the breakup of Yugoslavia. Tivat was a town that was mostly popular for its small naval shipyard. After a decline of Yugoslavia, the naval base was abandoned. Only in 2006 the site has been bought by a Canadian businessman, Peter Munk and his partners and the transformation process of the spot has started. Today Tivat is no longer home to a naval base, but a home base to a luxury yacht marina known as Porto Montenegro. Together with Porto Montenegro ‘village,’ Tivat is booming with cultural events and quality visitors interested in content and ready to pay for it. Porto Montenegro became inclusive part of Tivat’s new distinctive identity. Thanks to elegant and unostentatious Porto Montenegro, which attracts sophisticated, yet relaxed tourists and locals alike, Tivat has been branded as one of the places to be on the Montenegrin Riviera. The town itself is undergoing urban innovation process as we speak with regulated building and public spaces requirements and emerging biking culture. It is a pleasure to walk through a Montenegrin coastal town where all cafes and restaurants have sun umbrellas in similar shades. This fusion of energy and innovation has brought the area economic benefits and influx of entrepreneurs. For now, we applaud the progress that Tivat and Porto Montenegro developed together.


Author: Karolina

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