Brussels is de-facto capital of Europe due to the sheer fact that some of the most important European institutions (e.g., European Commission, European Parliament, Committee of the Regions) are located throughout the city (and why did Brussels become the capital of the EU is the whole separate story – you may read more here). Besides, NATO headquarters and other relevant international organizations are also located in the city. Busy executives with jammed agendas, high-profile politicians and tourists flood the city on any regular week; the former during weekdays and the latter on weekends. On busy summit days and on days of other big European meetings and events hotels are usually overbooked. Tip: make sure you reserve your stay in Brussels well in advance or to visit on weekends when the hotels are less crowded.

Before arriving to Brussels visitors are often curious where to stay while in Brussels. Should that be close to Grand Place – one of, if not the most picturesque squares of Europe! – or should that be somewhere in the EU district. The answer is simple – it entirely depends upon your agenda while in Brussels (Don’t forget: Brussels is a relatively small capital city and if you like walking you could get anywhere within 30 minutes).

If you are a business traveler and most of your stay in Brussels evolves around European District (locally known as Eurobubble), Aloft Brussels Schuman will be the perfect place for you. This area is home to the aforementioned EU institutions; it is full of life during a week. You will spot people in black signature suits zipping up and down the streets to different meetings and events. On weekends this area is fairly dead. Although, if you decide to stay here on a weekend, nearby Place Jourdan is only a couple of minute walk and the city center is easily approachable, so is the main airport.

If I were to describe Aloft Brussels Schuman in one word, that would definitely be ‘hip.’ The prime point of the hotel is its lobby, which is buzzing with life. The lobby has different seating areas, where bright colors dominate. At night the lobby transforms to a stylish bar. The hotel caters towards laid-back, younger clients; however, in our opinion it would perfectly suit any business traveller. Besides a nice lobby, some of the important business features of the hotel are highlighted below.

First of all, rooms have a stable and a fast internet connection. Central to the room is a long table with a comfortable chair. The table is ideal for work; it is big enough for your computer and for spreading all your documents on it. Moreover, lighting is good and you will be able to work until late evening hours without falling asleep (actually, until you hit the bed). Once in bed you will discover that your bed is super comfy and you will regret not having more time to sleep in. In the morning when you wake up and get ready for your business appointment, you will love the fact that rooms are equipped with an iron and an ironing board in case you discover that your only shirt needs a bit of ironing. Breakfast is ok to keep you going until lunch. It consists of boiled eggs, ham, chees, croissants, muesli and fruits (I have missed some vegetables). Another thing that could make your stay in Aloft Brussels Schuman even more enjoyable is the view of a nearby park, European Commission and the Committee of the Regions; we have gotten a room on the 2nd floor overlooking the courtyard and the neighboring apartments (which is not entirely bad for someone that loves to see how other people live). Tip: make sure you ask for a room with a view.

It is also interesting to mention that the hotel features SPG Keyless system, which we have not tried as we have stayed only for a night. I would imagine that this would be a great feature if you are staying for more than one night, in which case you would open the door to your room through a special app on your smartphone.

To top all of the above off, your pets are welcome!