Reasons Why Hotel Bloom Seems to be Unique

Hotel BLOOM! in Brussels, is not an ordinary hotel that you know. Having previously visited the hotel for a conference or two, the hotel did not strike me as extraordinary. However, now after visiting it again for the 10th year anniversary, I beg to say that the hotel is quite unique for a number of reasons. Besides well styled and warmly decorated lobby, where guests instantaneously immerse themselves in anticipated comfort of a good hotel, Hotel BLOOM! offers plenty of reasons for a stay to exceed the expected hotel experience.

Art & Creativity

Art and creative lifestyle are part of the Hotel BLOOM! identity. Since the opening of the hotel, the aim has been to support artists and to offer a fresh, inspiring and a unique environment to guests. Almost all rooms have been decorated with a unique hand painted fresco made by a European art student. All rooms are specious and identical with the only difference being the room size and the mural. Guests can see all of the rooms on the hotel’s website and they are free to choose their favorite bedroom at the time of booking. Since 2012, the world’s renowned artists have been invited to make colorful murals in the hotel’s public spaces as well.

On the other hand, Hotel BLOOM! and Harlan Levey Projects Gallery from Brussels have been cooperating on an ‘artistic residency’ program on the 9th floor of the hotel since January 2015. Each month, an artist, gallery or a curator is offered a place to live, work and more in Hotel BLOOM!. Residents of the 9th floor host open studios, artist talks and performances to engage with other guests, as well as creative Brussels dwellers.

Creative Space for Meetings

In October 2016 Hotel BLOOM! unveiled its renovated conference and meeting space – the ‘Experience Floor.’ The space goes beyond modern-day conference spaces with a beautiful indoor fresco and a huge projection screen spreading 17 meters along the wall.* The hotel staff explained to us that they took into consideration the impact of art on productivity, creativity, and stress when they designed the space. Namely, the hotel took into account the research conducted by Exeter University, which shows that art has a considerable impact on work ethic and motivation.



Ten-Year Anniversary

Moreover, to kick-off of the ten-year anniversary, Hotel BLOOM! invited ten artists who painted the original frescoes ten years ago to expand their artwork. For one night the hotel turned into a large pop-up gallery. Invited guests were encouraged to start exploring on the top floor and go down stopping on each floor to visit the artists and their rooms. On the bottom floor the party awaited. This is how the Hotel BLOOM! confirmed that it is one of the leading creative art-hotels in Brussels.

Hotel Bloom Brussels Europolitan Trends

Hotel Bloom Brussels Europolitan Trends

Hotel Bloom Brussels Europolitan Trends

* the biggest screen in in Brussels hotel sector

Image Source Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3: Hotel Bloom 

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