The art must go on: Bruges Triennale

The world is changing rapidly like a liquid. What does a future hold? Contemporary artists and architects tried to find answers to these and similar dilemmas through their temporary constructions reflecting on how flexible, fluid, and resilient a city can be at times when nothing seems certain.

Bruges Triennale 2018 – the second edition of contemporary art triennials – takes place across the city centre of Bruges, Belgium between May and September 2018. This triennial series is linked to major cultural events of the city in the past, such as Bruges 2002, European Capital of Culture, Corpus (2005) and; Bruges Central (2010). Liquid City – the motto of this year’s triennial – literally depicts Bruges surrounded by water, but in metaphorical sense it depicts a city in constant and flowing artistic movement, sometimes storm-tossed, sometimes peaceful and calm.

In addition, URB EGG – a Triennale pop-up bar – offers a relaxing atmosphere, great drinks and unique setting.
More photos of Bruges Triennale are available on Instagram under the hashtags #tribru18 and #tribru15.

Author: Karolina

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