Everyone who stayed behind in a city during the hot summer days knows that staying and working, while  ‘everyone else seems to be enjoying their holidays’ could be tough. This is where urban terraces and gardens come to rescue providing a great escape; they enable city dwellers to appreciate their summer in the city offering enjoyable urban retreats.

Namely, city gardens, rooftops and terraces become summer oasis in an otherwise built urban setting. Besides being environmentally friendly, they offer plenty of benefits too, such as:

  • relaxation – those are places where one can unwind after a long day at work
  • entertainment
  • aesthetics – they beautify city architecture and add pleasant space among buildings and houses
  • privacy

This year, Brussels’ summer-garden-and-terrace scene has an addition. Summer Set urban garden is tucked in the heart of the city, just besides busy Port de Namur intersection. It is a great space to spend some of your summer afternoons in Brussels. In Summer Set you will enjoy unpretentiously alluring outdoor decor, good music and tasty drinks, as well as unknown perspective of Brussels.  It is a nice summer escape.

📍Address: Boulevard de Waterloo 23-24, Brussels, in the back of the BMW brand store