Amsterdam: Hotel Where People Meet

During the Netherlands EU Presidency in the first half of 2016, Amsterdam hosted many European events. One of the focus areas of the Presidency was Urban Agenda for the EU. End of May was particularly busy with events, conferences and meetings that took place all over the city e.g. CityMakers Summit, Forum on the EU Urban Agenda. Being city trend observers, we decided to participate in some of these events. Therefore, we booked our trip and started looking for a hotel. CitizenM sparked our attention. It seemed like a good idea to stay in a hotel that adopted innovative ideas and processes – from self-check-ins to iPad-controlled rooms – at a time when the Urban Agenda for the EU was shaped and capped with the Pact of Amsterdam.



When travelling we usually roam unique urban areas and tend to go off the beaten track. Thus, we were excited about CitizenM’s location. It is located in Amsterdam Zuid – where we had never been before – close to World Trade Center and the train station Amsterdam Zuid. The area is very clean with a touch of modern architecture. On a regular working day, the place is ideal for people watching – men in black suits swiftly pass-by, smartly dressed women sit on nearby benches and play with their iPhones, young adults ride their bicycles. Nevertheless, the area is located on the border between business district and a residential neighborhood and it feels safe at night.

We liked that the tram line connecting CitizenM with Amsterdam Central was located right outside the hotel, which was convenient for getting around. We also walked around hitting a great florist on the corner nearby and a little bit further a super trendy area with some of our new favorites (more in the journal soon).

Despite of arriving early, we were kindly checked-in by one of the friendly and helpful members of staff. We absolutely loved our huge bed, which is usually a main feature of CitizenM rooms. We also loved all digital features – it was like jumping couple of years ahead of us where everything is controlled with a swipe on an iPad. Mood lighting accompanied with music was perfect for relaxing; I have to admit that in CitizenM I had slept better than I did in weeks. However, I feel that the best features of the hotel are its friendly staff and the lobby area.



The lobby is colorful, airy and welcoming, composed of various living areas and work nooks. Unique pieces of furniture, massive conference tables, bookracks full of travel guides and reference books, and other interesting knick-knacks decorate this communal area. We were happy to see that many people felt the same as we did about the lobby; namely, at all times the lobby was full. People were working on their laptops, others enjoyed their drinks at the bar, some were holding meetings.

So, even though our stay in CitizenM Amsterdam was a short one, we can warmly recommend it to anyone who is into one of the following: unique design hotels, happy and approachable staff, tech heavens, and comfortable beds. We have also stayed in their Rotterdam hotel and I would definitely love to stay in another CitizenM hotel again.

📍Address: Prinses Irenestraat 30, Amsterdam, NL, 1077 WX

🖥 Website: CitizenM Hotel Amsterdam


Author: Karolina

Karolina is a blogger for Europolitan Trends, sharing stories about cities & regions, local businesses, and inspiring urban details. She is a public affairs professional, always ready to travel and explore.