Cities have varying presence on social media. They tend to choose social media channels depending on what needs to be communicated and to whom. In general, social media contribute to increased communication with citizens and tourists. Instagram enables innovative way of communicating information; it is entirely mobile, visual, and easy to use. As such, Instagram offers limitless possibilities to public institutions and private bodies.

We are excited to share with you our first report on the use of Instagram by EU capital cities. The EU Capital Cities on Instagram 2016, the study conducted in fall 2016, examines Instagram use by 28 EU capitals. The results have revealed that there is still a lot of room for improvement and growth. The study focuses on two institutional segments – city tourism boards and official city accounts – and their communication patterns and practices on Instagram. It also provides good practice guidelines for city Instagram accounts. 

  • 28 EU capital city halls have been identified. It has been determined that 15 municipalities have an Instagram account. 
  • 28 tourism boards from the EU capital regions have been mapped out. It has been discovered that 22 destination management organizations use Instagram.
  • Data was collected in the time period between September – November 2016.
  • Remark: It is important to remember that social media landscape is an ever evolving landscape; thus certain information may be incomplete or inaccurate. However, Europolitan Trends believes to have captured the essence of Instagram use by EU capitals. 

European Capitals on Instagram 1: How Cities Engage with Tourists

Social media have become the most powerful and cost friendly marketing tools that convention and visitors bureaus use. Within the wide range of social media choices, Instagram is one of the most significant platforms for attracting prospective tourists. It is a platform where visitors and city dwellers learn about events or campaigns that are taking place. Read more >> here

European Capitals on Instagram 2: How Cities Engage with Residents

City administrations tend to use social media actively. However, Instagram is still largely undermined. We stress the significance of Instagram as an excellent and easy to use social media tool, which provides a good platform for information sharing, leading meaningful dialogues with residents, opinion gathering, satisfaction analysis, marketing and situation mapping. Read more >> here

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