There’s plenty more to Frankfurt than banks and skyscrapers

Frankfurt, the fifth largest city in Germany – the financial hub – is recognised for its unique skyline. However, the city is not only banks, man in suits, and skyscrapers – there is much more to it. Its charm is endless, and as in many German cities liveability is high.

Compact in size, Frankfurt is easy to explore if you know what you want to see. 


Start with a different kind of rooftop and climb atop of the cathedral tower. At times you will get dizzy in a small, circular staircase leading to the observation deck. But once you are there – oh, the views are totally worthwhile.

If you happen to be in Frankfurt on a hot day, find one of Frankfurt`s city beaches. We went to the one atop of parking garage Konstabler.

When you reach the vicinity of Eschenheimer Tor, find Fleming’s Hotel and take an elevator to the top floor. Here you can sip overpriced (but with a view!) cocktails and take in the view over the rooftops. We have been there in the evening and loved seeing how the sun set behind skyscrapers.

If you are in Frankfurt on a working day, head to Galeria Kaufhof on Hauptwache. But don`t be fooled, you are not going there to shop. Instead, take the escalators up to the 7th floor for your lunch, or evening aperos. Its panorama-terrace has amazing amazing view of the main square and financial district.


Nordend, bohemian quarter of Frankfurt, is our favourite part of the city. It has a vibrant mix of unique restaurants, cafés and bars, and the lifestyle seems to fit both young and old. When we saw the line of people queuing in front of a local ice-cream parlour, we had to try it too. The ice cream and the coffee were the best. 

A true chic flair oasis in the metropolis is “Fein”. There in the park, you can slow down, sit still, and relax with your drink and newspapers, or chat with your friends.

Technically, Berger Strasse is not part of Nordend but rather Bornheim – especially its upper part, which we preferred. Berger Strasse features many traditional bars and restaurants… and a unique mix of traditional houses and newly built residential buildings.

Berger Strasse, Frankfurt am Main

On the Banks of Main

Frankfurt is proving that cities on water are liveable. On warm summer days, banks of the river Main are packed with residents and tourists. There, Frankfurt looks more like a posh resort rather than a big city.

Nearby, Moloko+ – retro cafe – has a large urban terrace, which was one of our favourite places for a cold cocktail and a brunch during the hot day. 

Moloko+, Frankfurt

But the actual river banks, ooh la la… I preferred the right bank and its Nizza park.

But left bank is preferred for evening sunsets, when you can have a picnic, while enjoying sun going down  behind Frankfurt`s skyline.

Frankfurt’s left bank, Sachsenhausen, is full of cobblestone streets lined with cider tavernas that serve a traditional apple wine, and typical German dishes. We went there during the day, after a night of huge celebrations, and it was still charming despite a sleepy mood that feature all around.

Frankfurt, Sachsenhausen

We really loved Frankfurt and we can’t wait to go back during one of city’s festivals.

Author: Karolina

Karolina is a blogger for Europolitan Trends, sharing stories about cities & regions, local businesses, and inspiring urban details. She is a public affairs professional, always ready to travel and explore.