On May 18, International Museum Day, Brussels Museums launched a campaign to promote the masterpieces from the permanent collections of the museums around the city.

The 100 Masters initiative sought to spotlight these rarely exhibited, unique artworks and objects that are located in 41 participating museums. The exhibition runs until the end of August over the course of 100 days – interesting and hidden anecdotes are available throughout the exhibition on the campaign’s blog.

Aim & Approach

The 100 Masters campaign aims to raise awareness among the wider public – in Brussels, Belgium and abroad – that there are undiscovered treasures in Brussels’ museums.

The 100 Masters campaign was envisioned as a modern, approachable, fun and innovative cultural experience and as such, it took advantage of various digital and social media platforms, where one could see the masterpieces, read about them, and become involved in various creative ways.

Museum Marathon

The campaign started with 20 Belgian and international bloggers visiting 17 museums  around Brussels in just one day. They walked for almost 20km appreciating rich cultural heritage around Belgian capital – Europolitan Trends was one of them. Brussels Museums were inspired by Museum Marathons that were organized in London and Berlin in previous years.

Europolitan Trends applauds Brussels Museums on its imaginative approach to art and on being open to new trends. One thing that could be improved when organizing similar events in the future is anticipation of more frequent breaks with snacks, coffee and food to keep  participants going.

Below are some of my favorite highlights. More photos on my Instagram.

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