Rotterdam: How the Hotel Saved Us

One of our goals for 2016 was to visit Rotterdam. Namely, earlier this year we have learned that giant pop-up stairs would be installed in front of the central train station from mid-May to mid-June.  This temporary structure kicked off celebrations of Rotterdam’s rebirth after the WWII. So, the idea was born to finally visit Rotterdam during this period.

We have arrived with the fast train connection from Amsterdam in what felt like minutes. Consulting our cellphones we decided to walk to our hotel, which we arranged for an overnight stay. The walk ended up being an easy twenty-minute stroll through financial and shopping districts. We preferred this, as we wanted to get a feel of the city — we liked what we had seen. The CitizenM Hotel was located a stone’s throw away from trendy Markthal and iconic Cube Houses. This is a superb location for anyone coming to Rotterdam; besides being in the center of a cool district, the hotel is conveniently located near the station Rotterdam Blaak.



By the time we had reached our hotel, it started raining. We walked in, adored super cute entryway area on the ground floor with two funky armchairs and a spiral stairway leading to the lobby on the first floor.  Friendly staff helped us check-into a room on the 4th floor  with stunning views of Gelderseplein and the oldest Dutch harbor through its wall-to-wall, ceiling-to-floor window. Numerous photos later we left our room eager to explore the area.




We barely stepped outside into the light rain being halfway across the road, when a giant storm front hit the city. Consequently, we were soaked head-to-toes within 10 minutes of stepping outside and we were left with no other alternative than to go back to the hotel. After changing our clothes and shoes into something dry, we decided to seek a refuge in the hotel lobby and to grab a glass of wine at the bar. There we noticed that the hotel perfectly mirrored the city’s characteristics — a unique and vibrant mix of modern design, adept simplicity and cutting-edge smartness. Sleek design and the inviting atmosphere of the lobby resulted with the hotel being a meeting point of locals and visitors of this Dutch capital of architecture. The staff that greets you with a smile, sitting corners composed of sofas and armchairs in rich textures, bistro-style bar and overhanging chandeliers fostered a pleasant community feel where bartenders seemed to know all their guests and where tourists and locals socialized. Knowing that the following morning we had to get out of the hotel early if we wanted to explore the city before we left that afternoon, we headed back to our room just before midnight. The lobby was still buzzing and the fellow guests and visitors happily chatted behind us. Although, our explorer personalities usually do not let us hang around in our hotels urging us to go out and see a city that we are visiting; we were very happy to have had to relax and just feel downright comfortable at CitizenM Hotel.

📍 Address: Gelderse Plein 50, Rotterdam, NL, 3011 WZ 

🖥 Website: CitizenM Rotterdam

Author: Karolina

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