As a team of independent consultants we help individuals, organizations, companies and institutions accomplish their goals, achieve higher visibility, and tap into undiscovered world of business opportunities. We follow trends in order to successfully deal with contemporary challenges, from brand enhancement to engaging and activating audiences for our clients. We monitor policies, we analyze important EU affairs developments, and we provide valuable and timely advice on issues important to our clients. If you are interested, we could also professionally represent your interests in the EU and beyond advocating for your causes and improving your visibility. Finally, we provide assistance in accelerating your goals by finding project partners, forming long-lasting professional alliances, and managing your projects.

Tourism Communication
We skillfully represent your destination and communicate your goals, campaigns and visions.
Business Development
We maximize your potentials and find opportunities where others don’t see it.
We can help you develop and foster relationships with different political, social and business stakeholders.
Qualitative & Quantitative Research
We perform complex research projects and provide qualitative and quantitative analysis in cross-cutting themes.
Social Media Outreach
We assist with brand creation, establish social media presence and reach audiences on cross-platforms. We also evaluate your current strategy.
EU Affairs & Public Policy
We monitor and analyze important background information on public problems and their solutions.

Partnerships & Collaborations

Deutsche Gesellschaft Fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit (Giz) GmbH

BMW Group 

Sterkmans Events 

Starwood Hotels & Resorts 

Independent Art Fair 

Citizen M Hotels