Flash Eurobarometer No 419 on “Quality of life in European cities” has been conducted at the request of the European Commission (Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy) in order to to get city dwellers’ opinions on different urban issues. The survey has been conducted in 79 European cities.

Main Findings of the Study

Are people satisfied with their city?

  • Overall, there is a high level of satisfaction with regard to the cities in which respondents live
  • There are significant differences between cities in the level of satisfaction regarding public transport
  • The level of satisfaction with health care services shows large variations between cities
  • A generally high level of satisfaction with sports facilities
  • A majority of respondents in all but one city are satisfied with their city’s cultural facilities
  • Satisfaction regarding the state of streets and buildings is low in many EU capitals
  • Satisfaction with public spaces such as markets, squares and pedestrian zones is generally high
  • Satisfaction regarding the availability of retail shops is generally high

How city residents view their city? 

  • In only 14 cities do a majority of respondents say that it is easy to find a job in their city
  • Finding good housing at a reasonable price is perceived as a challenge by most respondents in more than half of the cities surveyed, and this difficulty is perceived as particularly severe in capitals
  • The presence of foreigners is generally viewed as positive
  • A majority of respondents feel safe in almost all cities
  • Trust in fellow citizens is high in more than three-quarters of cities
  • Contrasting views on the city’s administrative services

What people think about environment in their city? 

  • Air quality is the aspect on which views diverge the most
  • Noise level varies in importance as an issue
  • Views on cleanliness vary considerably between cities
  • Satisfaction with green spaces is generally high
  • Many cities show a large increase since 2012 in the number of people who feel that their city is involved in fighting climate change

People’s personal situation

  • In around half of the cities, at least 9 out of 10 respondents say they are satisfied with the lives they lead
  • In all the cities surveyed, a majority of respondents are satisfied with the place where they live
  • Most cities register only slight increases in satisfaction compared with the 2012 survey.
  • There have been some large increases since 2012 in respondents’ satisfaction concerning the financial situation of their household
  • Satisfaction with the personal job situation varies considerably from city to city

What are the most important issues that people believe are facing their city?

  • Health services, unemployment and education and training are perceived as the most important issues for their city

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Source: Flash Eurobarometer No 419 on “Quality of life in European cities,” January 2016. http://ec.europa.eu/regional_policy/sources/docgener/studies/pdf/urban/survey2015_en.pdf